It's 2013. It's kinda hard to believe that Graceskull is entering its teen years as we speak.

We started out so small, just a couple of dudes with a beat up acoustic guitar and a need to make some songs. The need of course never went away (and neither did that old acoustic either) but as the years went by the musical ambitions grew taller. And so we are here with The Once and Future, a concept album of sorts with string arrangements and all kinds of grand ideas that were far from our reach on those snowless dark winter months of 2000.

Each of our albums has had it's own process. First Time Again was Julius leading the blind, Happiness saw me and Julius finding a common ground (and the exit of Ilkka Kujansivu, the original half of Graceskull). The Once and Future recordings started off as an extension to the Happiness sessions but as the songs for the album started to get played on our gigs we realized that it should be "a band album". So we oiled our fabulous gigging machine and headed over to the studio. These sessions were helmed graciously by maestro of sound Arttu Peljo (Chisu, Egotrippi, etc.) who also ended up mixing the record.

Sounds simple, right? So how did it take 10 years to make this record? I guess mainly it's just a classic matter of life getting in the way but I must also take up the fact that during this time both of us have been involved with a good number of other bands and projects. I think we've worked on at least eight records by our other bands since Happiness. But we always keep coming back to Graceskull. It's like coming home.

So, a teenage Graceskull...Will it be angst and all kinds of unacceptable behavior until the band reaches adulthood? It remains to be seen but at least judging by the notable stack of songs we've recorded since completing The Once and Future we have our hands in a completely different bag of tricks compared with Graceskull of old.

We still don't know where we're headed with this music and I must say it still excites me like a motherfucker. Let's keep it rolling.

Ove Ritola, November 2013


The Once and Future

The Once and Future

Format: CD
Released: 30.11.2013
Catalog Number: NSAR-009

1. Finally / Found My Place
2. Dying Days
3. Kings & Queens
4. Bring Me Love
5. The Light Is Changing
6. For The Remnant
7. Hollywood
8. Nightmares (Here Right Now)
9. Seasons / Finale


Format: CD
Released: 20.12.2002
Catalog Number: NSAR-002

1. Dark Don't Care
2. Not That Fast
3. The Building Blocks of Falling Apart
4. Last of the Secrets
5. Snowflake Pt.1
6. Outside
7. Push
8. Night Falls
9. I Should Know By Now
10. The Kid With Fiery Eyes
11. Surrender
12. Morning Came
13. Snowflake Pt.2
14. Trains Pass By
First Time Again

First Time Again

Format: CD
Released: 17.09.2001
Catalog Number: NSAR-001

1. Diagnose
2. Lover
3. Uneasy
4. Silence Makes Us Strong
5. Boxing Day
6. Demons
7. Beautifullest Lie
8. You Could Be the One
9. Stay Around
10. Before the Curtain Arrives
11. Try Again
Atyd/Graceskull Split Single

Last Wish of a Dying man (A Song for Two Pianos)/You Could Be the One

Atyd/Graceskull Split Single
Format: 7" transparent vinyl (numbered)
Released: June 2001
Catalog Number: SHR-009

1. Atyd: Last Wish of a Dying Man (A Song for Two Pianos)
2. Graceskull: You Could Be the One

Other appearances

The Kuumotus

A skateboard film by El Rio Grind.
Released January 2002.
Featured song: Try Again


A skateboard film by Tommi Kortesniemi.
Released December 2001.
Featured songs: You Could Be the One, Beautifullest Lie

Third Time

A snowboard film by Northlight Pictures.
Released September 2001.
Featured song: Before the Curtain Arrives


17.10.2012 DOM, Vaasa
04.03.2011 Pikku Torre, Turku
04.12.2009 Loska at Club 25, Vaasa
05.05.2007 Ove solo show, Doo Bop, Vaasa
01.12.2006 Sky Bar, Vaasa
05.11.2006 Loska at DOM, Vaasa
31.03.2006 Club 25, Vaasa
27.11.2005 Loska at DOM, Vaasa
26.08.2005 Musikens Hus, Gothenburg, Sweden
11.08.2005 Superstereo, Vaasa
31.07.2005 Sky Bar, Vaasa
15.07.2005 Kultrock, Seinäjoki
25.06.2005 Villa Wasa, Vaasa
06.05.2005 Club25, Vaasa
30.04.2005 Club 25, Vaasa
06.03.2005 El Gringo, Vaasa
31.10.2004 Loska at DOM, Vaasa
16.04.2004 Papin Nenä, Vaasa
21.02.2004 Club25, Vaasa
22.11.2003 Henry's Pub, Kuopio
02.11.2003 DOM, Vaasa
23.05.2003 Papin Nenä, Vaasa
12.02.2003 Bar Alahuone, Helsinki
20.12.2002 Club25, Vaasa
23.11.2002 Pikku Torre, Turku
27.10.2002 DOM, Vaasa
19.10.2002 Ilokivi, Jyväskylä
08.08.2002 Amarillo, Vaasa
15.06.2002 Varjoprovinssi, Seinäjoki
19.04.2002 Club25, Vaasa
18.04.2002 Sky, Vaasa
15.03.2002 Sylvester, Tampere
15.12.2001 Club25, Vaasa
13.12.2001 Klubi, Tampere


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